Prossimi concerti

Due to the restrictions introduced for the COVID-19, all scheduled concerts have been postponed until a later date. Please keep in touch for further updates. Waiting to be able to resume the live concert activity soon, we offer you this video recorded during a rehearsal of Vivaldi's «Summer» recomposed by Max Richter with Antonio Aiello and the Tuscan Chamber Orchestra.

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  • Arrangements

    In addition to his concert career, Antonio can boast a large catalog of arrangements with the most disparate instrumentation regularly performed all over the world.

  • Trio Operacento

    Thanks to the fortunate meeting and the deep artistic partnership with the pianist Francesca Sperandeo and the cellist Antonino Puliafito, the Trio Operacento has an intense concert activity.

  • Projects for you

    A musical Voyage, Listening to the cinema, Diabolus in musica, The concerts of Nature and The Eight Seasons are just some of the brilliant programs for solo violin and chamber orchestra invented, arranged, performed and directed by Antonio Aiello.

  • Repertoire