A musical Voyage

The program presents itself as a kind of imaginary world tour, thanks to the execution of brilliant and famous compositions from the repertoire of classical music, jazz, gipsy, folk, film and dance music, arranged for a small ensemble of fifteen elements (solo violin, bassoon, strings and percussion) and linked together in a extravagant vortex of styles and colors. The songs, inspired by eminent musicians from the folklore of the most representative nations from a musical point of view, are accompanied by the projection of splendid slides and videos which, synchronized with the music, allow you to visit the most suggestive places on the planet. The proposed repertoire has been selected for its vivacity and meaningful characterization, which the public, involved in the exuberance of the performance, satisfied by listening to universally known melodies and amazed by the scenic contextualization, shows pleasing on every occasion.

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Listening to the Cinema

Music certainly cannot alone determine the success of a film, but it underlines its value and helps to preserve its memory over time: some films that have made the history of cinema have become memorable also thanks to the perfect combination with a soundtrack that it does not just accompany the flow of events aseptically, but it has the power to involve us emotionally, making us switch from one mood to another with extreme rapidity and sometimes suggesting sensations that anticipate the action in some way. For once, therefore, contrary to what happens in the cinema, the scenes of the projected films increase the beauty of the musical themes, arranged for a small but varied ensemble of twelve elements (soprano, quintet of strings, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, piano and percussion).

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The Eight Seasons

The roundness of the terrestrial globe implies two hemispheres. So the seasons double. That's why we have four seasons twice. About 300 years later, Antonio Vivaldi and Astor Piazzolla, drawing inspiration from the colors, sounds and sensations that the seasons in their respective hemispheres have the power to evoke, created authentic and immortal masterpieces; and this is precisely the meeting point between the two composers: it is not a question of contamination, but of a dialogue between two geniuses who ignore the structures of time and space and focus on the essentials. And that's why these compositions are able to involve the public from every corner of the world, awakening the most diverse emotions.

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  • Arrangements

    In addition to his concert career, Antonio can boast a large catalog of arrangements with the most disparate instrumentation regularly performed all over the world.

  • Trio Operacento

    Thanks to the fortunate meeting and the deep artistic partnership with the pianist Francesca Sperandeo and the cellist Antonino Puliafito, the Trio Operacento has an intense concert activity.

  • Projects for you

    A musical Voyage, Listening to the cinema, Diabolus in musica, The concerts of Nature and The Eight Seasons are just some of the brilliant programs for solo violin and chamber orchestra invented, arranged, performed and directed by Antonio Aiello.

  • Repertoire