Le Quattro Stagioni

This album with I Virtuosi Italiani, in addition to the famous «Le Quattro Stagioni» («The Four Seasons»), includes other fine concerts for violin, strings and basso continuo composed by Antonio Vivaldi in Venice, when he was violin teacher at the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Visitazione, know as della Pietà; among them surely stands out for virtuosity and descriptive originality of «La Tempesta di Mare» («The Storm at Sea») Op.8 n ° 5 in E-flat major RV253. In the following video we propose you the first movement of the concert, interpreted by Antonio Aiello with impetus and brilliance.

The complete audio of «The Storm at Sea» is available on Youtube >

Diavolo & Follia

A small but extraordinary collection of Sonatas for violin and basso continuo of the Italian Baroque, united by the artifice of the variations on ostinato bass and performed on period instruments, with 415Hz tuning and Tartini-Vallotti temperament. It includes famous compositions, such as «Il Trillo del Diavolo» («The Devill's Trill») di Giuseppe Tartini (in the following video you can listen to the virtuosic second movement) and «La Follia» Op.5 n°12 by Arcangelo Corelli, but also Sonatas by Dall'Abaco, Geminiani e Albinoni, as well as two pieces for organ only by Pasquini and Strozzi performed by Matteo Venturini. «This is what we can define a demoniac performance even without taking any reference to the subject of the disc. The Sonatori Fiorentini are certainly at their ease between pulses and dynamic variety while always keeping faith with the text and the tradition of baroque repertoire. Lead violinist Antonio Aiello is a very gifted and refined musician...» Onclassical

Gloria in excelsis Deo

It is a Vivaldian monograph recorded live by the Tuscan Chamber Orchestra with the Coro dell'Università di Pisa conducted by Stefano Barandoni during a concert held at the Chiesa di San Martino in Kinzica in Pisa in June 2011. Among the various pieces proposed in the program, the «Kyrie» RV587 for two choirs, the «Gloria» RV589 with the soprano Federica Nardi and the alto Sara Bacchelli, as well as the famous Concerto Op.3 No.8 in A minor for two violins, strings and basso continuo RV522 played by Antonio Aiello, first solo violin and concertmaster, and Simone Calcinai, second solo violin. In the following video we propose you the third movement.

Musica per l'Anima

This disc aims to divulge and at the same time consecrate the work of the composer Giuliana Spalletti. Despite the particular fondness for sacred-inspired music, it collects compositions of various kinds, recorded live over the course of a decade (1999-2009). The orchestration is quite variable, from the small chamber ensemble to the large symphony orchestra with soloists and choir, but the «Cantico per violino, arpa ed archi» («Song for violin, harp ed strings»), masterfully interpreted by Antonio Aiello and accompanied by the Tuscan Chamber Orchestra conducted by Angelo Bianchi, stands out among all.

  • Arrangements

    In addition to his concert career, Antonio can boast a large catalog of arrangements with the most disparate instrumentation regularly performed all over the world.

  • Trio Operacento

    Thanks to the fortunate meeting and the deep artistic partnership with the pianist Francesca Sperandeo and the cellist Antonino Puliafito, the Trio Operacento has an intense concert activity.

  • Projects for you

    A musical Voyage, Listening to the cinema, Diabolus in musica, The concerts of Nature and The Eight Seasons are just some of the brilliant programs for solo violin and chamber orchestra invented, arranged, performed and directed by Antonio Aiello.

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