Antonio Aiello
Via Federico Balconi 3, 37132 - Verona (Italia)

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Special thanks to Gisele Fialho Mota for the creative support and for the translation from italian of this website.




I Virtuosi Italiani - The prestigious chamber orchestra of which Antonio Aiello is a permanent member since September 2013. With them he plays regularly, often even as a soloist, in the main concert halls in Europe, together with an intense recording activity.

Stefan Neureiter - Antonio Aiello's luthier of trust: top-level restorer, appreciated for his extreme precision and incredible competence in setting ancient instruments.

Eduardo Gorr - He built the wonderful baroque violin model Stradivari (Cremona 1709) owned by Antonio Aiello, as well as one of his baroque boes. His instruments are appreciated by the greatest Baroque artists in the world.

Cristiano Scipioni - He is the author of the violin that Antonio Aiello regularly plays in the orchestra, characterized by a very refined violin making, stands out for its soft and at the same time clear sound.

  • Arrangements

    In addition to his concert career, Antonio can boast a large catalog of arrangements with the most disparate instrumentation regularly performed all over the world.

  • Trio Operacento

    Thanks to the fortunate meeting and the deep artistic partnership with the pianist Francesca Sperandeo and the cellist Antonino Puliafito, the Trio Operacento has an intense concert activity.

  • Projects for you

    A musical Voyage, Listening to the cinema, Diabolus in musica, The concerts of Nature and The Eight Seasons are just some of the brilliant programs for solo violin and chamber orchestra invented, arranged, performed and directed by Antonio Aiello.

  • Repertoire